PC SpeedBoost

PC SpeedBoost

Improve your PC's startup time, browsing speed, and overall performance speed.

Safely Speed Up Your PC by Up to 216%

- Boost PC Speed & Performance

In less than 2 minutes, PC SpeedBoost™ software will significantly boost your PC speed & performance. Your PC will be running like new again in 2 clicks of a mouse button.

- Prevent PC Crashes & Freeze

After running PC SpeedBoost software, your PC crashes and freezes will be gone, saving you months of headaches and frustration.

- Registry Cleaning

Your Microsoft® Windows registry accumulates junk over time. This junk will slow down your PC and can cause freezes and crashes. PC SpeedBoost software will clean all the junk from your registry, restoring your PC to peak performance.

- Automatic System Cleaning

Click the 'Settings' button in the PC SpeedBoost application to schedule automatic cleanups, leaving you free to enjoy your PC hassle-free.

PC SpeedBoost


PC SpeedBoost

— User reviews — about PC SpeedBoost

  • WendyThomas

    by WendyThomas

    "PC SpeedBoost is a great all-in-one optimizer."

    PC SpeedBoost really doesn't come into its own until you buy the premium version. I've been using speed optimizers and r... More.

    reviewed on June 23, 2014

  • samhitechhunt

    by samhitechhunt

    "PC SpeedBoost™ software lives up to its name."

    Ya..wasn't sure about how much pc performance improvement I would see. But, I took the chance and downloaded the PC Spe... More.

    reviewed on June 16, 2014

  • Gomez331

    by Gomez331

    "PC SpeedBoost saved my computer"

    PC SpeedBoost really put a kick in the rear to my computer. It had been slowing down for weeks, and I thought it was jus... More.

    reviewed on May 29, 2014